In order to have a high quality experience, it is important that we have a high level of commitment from our participants. We need everyone’s voice!  Please plan to attend every rehearsal. Sometimes critical events may make missing a rehearsal unavoidable, but this should be the exception.

We plan to learn exciting, challenging pieces. When we are ready we will have many opportunities to perform in the community. We will work to develop a safe learning environment of friends and invite you and your family to participate fully in this high quality program.

Just a Few Necessary Rules

We are fortunate to be able to meet in the First Presbyterian Church for rehearsals and concerts.  Please drop your children off not more than 5 minutes early and plan to supervise them until the director arrives.  There is a room for parents adjacent to the rehearsal rooms;  feel welcome to wait and visit with other parents during rehearsal time.

Please park in the spaces across from the church marked “reserved.”  Do not wait on the street as this blocks traffic from moving through for other activities at the church.

Please park and come in to get your child after choir.  This is important so we know they have met you safely.

Please do not hesitate to contact the MCC Executive Director with any questions or concerns or offers to help.